B-Pro Show 2020
Autumn Show 2020


The Programmes

The Architecture and Historic Urban Environments Show 2019

B-Pro Show 2020

Architectural Design MArch

Students on this programme undertake studio-based design enquiry, working with tutors and practitioners towards a major speculative design project and thesis. Design teaching is structured into research clusters, each with its own research specialism.

Programme Director: Gilles Retsin

Urban Design MArch

Students on this programme work within research clusters to explore new ideas in both design and theory, developing a complex understanding of the city as a place of human coexistence. The programme provides the opportunity for students to discover new design skills, using specialist tools and technology.

Programme Director: Roberto Bottazzi

Architectural Computation MSc/MRes

Throughout either an MSc or MRes degree, students develop the depth of understanding needed to exploit computation to create architectural solutions for the future. Students are taught programming skills alongside advanced theory, and work in research clusters to undertake studio-based research.

Programme Director: Manuel Jimenez Garcia

Bio-Integrated Design MArch/MSc

Taught jointly by The Bartlett School of Architecture and UCL’s Biochemical Engineering Department, Bio-Integrated Design combines scientific methods with design experimentations. Students explore how advances in the fields of biotechnology, synthetic biology and material science are changing architectural design.

Programme Directors: Professor Marcos Cruz and Dr Brenda Parker

Autumn Show 2020

Landscape Architecture MA/MLA

This programme investigates interventions in the landscape though imaginative design, strategic thinking and technical knowledge, equipping students to progress towards a career as a landscape architect. The programme is taken over one or two years, depending on the student’s prior experience.

Programme Directors: Professor Laura Allen and Professor Mark Smout

Architecture and Historic Urban Environments MA

This programme pioneers a fresh and critical approach that promotes architectural interventions which rejuvenate and reinterpret historic urban environments at all scales. Alongside developing a robust theoretical and practical understanding of sites, students develop their own design practice.

Programme Director: Professor Edward Denison


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The Bartlett
B-Pro & Autumn Shows 2020
27 November – 11 December 2020