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The Bartlett B-Pro & Autumn Shows 2020

The Bartlett B-Pro Show 2019

The Exhibition

Welcome to The Bartlett School of Architecture’s B-Pro Show 2020 and Autumn Show 2020, displaying student projects from six Master’s programmes. Launched simultaneously, the two shows build on the success of The Bartlett Summer Show 2020, showcasing outstanding student work in our new, innovative online environment.

The students whose work is displayed here come from all over the world; their projects reflect the varied interests, skills and passions that they have honed at The Bartlett School of Architecture.

B-Pro Show 2020

B-Pro, or Bartlett Prospective, groups together five of the school's graduate programmes with a unique philosophy and shared approach to the future of design, architecture and the urban environment.

The B-Pro Show celebrates extraordinary design projects from four of these programmes – Architectural Design MArch, Urban Design MArch, Architectural Computation MSc/MRes and Bio-Integrated Design MArch/MSc.

With over 250 students exhibiting across the programmes, The B-Pro Show asks big questions about the how we approach design and explores cutting-edge materials, techniques and computational tools and concepts.

The student projects explore a variety of themes, including:

  • Artificial Intelligence and autonomous generative design systems

  • Bio-digital fabrication

  • Virtual and augmented reality

  • The symbiotic relationship between human and machine thinking.

Autumn Show 2020

The Autumn Show exhibits outstanding work from nearly 70 students from Landscape Architecture MA/MLA and Architecture & Historic Urban Environments MA.

Student work from Landscape Architecture MA/MLA covers a wide terrain of design, technological, social, urban, cultural, political, material, environmental, ecological, and historical skills and investigations. Design studios give students the opportunity to work independently or in groups to develop their own approach to landscape architecture.

Students on the Architecture & Historic Environments programme examine cities from around the world, beginning with London. Using both theoretical and design-based approaches, they think creatively about how historic urban environments might thrive – rather than just survive – in the future.


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Special thanks to all students and their tutors for providing the show content.

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The Bartlett
B-Pro & Autumn Shows 2020
27 November – 11 December 2020